Elegant Beach Weddings on a Shoestring Budget

beach weddingA wedding is not just an ordinary tradition these days. Most couples yearn for a themed wedding that allows them to enjoy the preparation as well as the event itself. Also, most couples who do decide to get married not just because of tradition and formality, plan one on a budget. One of the most popular themes for weddings today is a beach wedding. This one is sensible yet elegant and you can do a lot of modifications while following a budget.

Here are a few tips to planning a great wedding without overspending. First, choose your location wisely. Although a beach wedding is done outside, choose an area which is covered from too much wind and tides as these natural elements could ruin the decorations and disturb the ceremony. You do not need to choose an expensive beach for this event. A local or a nearby beach would do and would also provide you with more options when it comes to decorating because there would be no strict rules that are usually implemented on expensive beaches. A public beach park is also a great choice, given that you review their rules and regulations. A local and a smaller venue would also allow you to have the area for you and your guests alone. If travelling to the beach would cost bigger, a closer lakeside wedding is a good option too.

Decide on your number of guests before choosing a location. Consider the comments of your would-be guests about having the wedding on the beach too and see if they are willing to go or if it would be too inconvenient for them. Have the guest list and make sure that you have a clear estimate of how many guests there would be. Some beaches require a certain bond for large number of guests.

You can plan a sunset ceremony to be followed by a cocktail party of wine and simple dishes to save on reception expenses planned with a whole meal. You can also choose a beach with a restaurant where you can have the reception. Many beaches that offer packages for wedding venues include pavilions and restaurants for the reception and wedding program. If you do not plan a sunset wedding, you can still save on food and drinks. Drinks served on the reception do not necessarily need to have alcohol; it should be cold and refreshing. The food should be light as well. You can skip soups and bread and serve vegetables with a refreshing dressing instead. Fresh fish from the locality may be less expensive compared to meat since grilled fish topped with citrus fruits is very appealing in a hot weather in the beach. Remember the welfare of the guests and make them comfortable especially if you are not going to have the reception indoors. Provide chairs for elders and choose a venue with pathways that will enable them to walk without hassle because of the sand.

Invitations for beach weddings may be as simple yet fun to do just like the wedding preparations. Affordable beach wedding invitations are now available online and you can have them customized. You can do your own invitations made from special paper embossed with seashells and sandcastles. When it comes to gift favors, choose simple things that they can use even after the wedding and buy them in bulk to avail discounts. You can also choose self-made favors like organic soap which you can prepare at home and wrap them in specially designed baskets or boxes. Decorations for beach weddings are inexpensive because they are usually casual and sometimes, not necessary. Dining tables at the reception may be decorated with shells to add weight to items like table napkins. Simple flowers in season are good decors for the altar and as centrepieces provided that the vases would not easily tumble or break due to the wind.

When it comes to your personal accessories, you also need to consider a lot of things. Consider the time of the year when choosing your wedding gown and since a beach wedding is not as traditional; you can have a customized wedding dress that does not require a lot of material. You can also save on shoes since sandals are great for beach weddings and going barefoot is sexy as well as exotic. You can also save on make-up and hairstyle since the venue is an open area with lots of wind, a simple make-up and a tousled, simple hairdo will be more appropriate.

Having the wedding at such a natural location is already a cost-saving strategy and planning it with such parsimony is just an addition to have less stress and more fun for your dream day.

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